Olajumoke visits her former bakery and gives workers 5,000 Naira each

olajumoke goes back to the bakery where she used to work and gives the bread sellers 5,000 naira each

Olajumoke gives 5,000 Naira to her bread seller friends.Olajumoke has gone back to her roots remembering those she left behind. The Bread seller turned model, recently visited Liberty bakery where she used to carry the bread that she hawked on the streets of Lagos before she was discovered by TY Bello and her life changed...An anonymous person had donated some money to her foundation asking her to give to
those she had worked with previously.Speaking at the occasion after handing her mates 5,000 Naira each,Olajumoke Orisaguna said she wants to do more for those she left behind who were not lucky enough to get the opportunity she had.Good for her.

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