Overweight 17 yr old girl Tayja Jones Banks bullied over prom pics

Tayja Jones Banks the overweight 17 year old girl who was cyber bullied over her prom pictures

Tayja Jones Banks.A 17 year old girl went to bed happy after a magical evening at her school prom, but sadly when she woke up she spotted something shocking online.

Heartbreakingly, after Tayja Jones Banks woke up the day after her school dance, she

noticed that photos of the night before had gone viral.
Tayja Jones Banks bullied over prom pics

Tayja was completely inundated with hate comments from vile trolls that made cruel remarks on her weight and appearance.

In an interview with Fox 29, Tayja explained: “I made a status when I came home from my prom night saying I enjoyed myself.

“I was so confident the day before and then it changed my view.”

After reading through hundreds of the repulsive responses, Tayja posted a follow-up status revealing that she wished she never went to the annual school dance.

Tayja’s mum remembered: “She was just really depressed and sad” and didn’t want to leave the house.

Thankfully, as more and more people viewed Tayja’s prom photos, kind Facebook users started sending the dejected teen messages of love and support.

 A supportive woman told Tayja she was an inspiration, commenting: “You are BEAUTIFUL inside and out... I’m glad that u are as strong as u are and still able to walk with your head held high.”

Another added: “Honey, you are beautiful.

“People can be so mean, but just know you have to be confident enough to rise above the hatred.”
Other Facebook users decided to post their awkward prom photos, remarking that they have grown in confidence since their teenage years.

Tayja Jones Banks has been attacked online for her size after pictures of her prom went viral

Even though Tayja is unsure whether she is going to attend her senior prom next year, she has left other victims of bullying with some words of support.

She assured: “You’re not the only person and you should know who you are inside.
“Your outside shouldn’t affect the inner you.

“Just stay strong.”

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