Seun Egbegbe apologizes to Toyin after she takes him to Police

Seun Egbegbe and Toyin..The drama of Seun and Toyin continues.The actress on her return from the USA went to the police to report her ex lover.You will recall that the ex lovers had a massive and nasty fall out a while ago.After her sojourn to the police to report the threats against her person,the Nollywood filmmaker, Seun was arrested two weeks ago, detained and later released on bail in respect of his threat message against Toyin. He was told to report when Aimakhu arrives in Nigeria
and was summoned by the police in Lagos today.Toyin who was also at the station in company of her lawyer, Bosun Osifowora stated that Egbegbe's threat has affected her business and colleagues and producers are afraid to call her for movie shoots because of the threat since they were aware of his violent nature.

While at the Commissioner of Police’ office, Seun recounted his position, prostrated and signed an undertaking never to hurt or disturb Toyin whether privately or in company of people. He also undertook to make a new video to that effect with Goldmyne TV where the initial threat video which went viral was broadcast.He is also to report fortnightly at the CP's office in Ikeja and he has been placed under watch. Toyin Aimakhu who is back in the country is set to officially start a new reality show and an NGO on domestic violence against women
Below is the apology Seun issued earlier today to her ex lover.
"I hereby regret any inconveniences i might have caused Toyin Aimakhu. she's is an A-list actress, anyone who wants to do business with her should deal with her as a celebrated artist. I wish her the best..."

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