Sinead Oconnor says Arsenio supplied Prince drugs and he sues for $5m!

Arsenio hall is suing Sinead oconnor for 5million dollars in libel for accusing him of spiking her marijuana and supplying dead singer prince drugs
Arsenio Hall and Sinead O'connor.Actor and talk show host Arsenio Hall is suing SinĂ©ad O'Connor for $5m libel after the singer's recently accused him of being Prince's drug dealer for years and for spiking her marijuana at Eddie Murphy's house.Sinead also went on to call Arsenio Prince and Ediie Murphy's bi#ch! Ouch!
She made the accusation after news spread that there may have been a possibility that painkillers or hard drugs may have had a cause in the sudden death of Prince who died recently.
She took to her Facebook page on May 2nd to make the accusation. She wrote: 

Sinead oconnor and Arsenio hall fight
O'Connor said she reported Hall to the Carver County Sheriff's office. "Expect their call. They are aware you spiked me years ago at Eddie Murphy's house."

She said this incident allegedly happened in 1991.
Then on May 3rd, she took to her Facebook page to elaborate on the whole incident.
She said Hall had invited her to a party at Murphy's home on the night of the Grammy Awards. O'Connor chose to not attend the ceremony, which she claims made Hall act maliciously towards her. 

"In his unfathomable narcissism, he has deduced that my not attending is specifically an act against him, and all that he holds dear," she wrote.
"This is like, the second time we've hung out." Her tense description of their night — which presumably took place in 1991 since she states that her winning of a Grammy Award further provoked Hall — ended with O'Connor alleging that Hall had offered her laced marijuana and "actually did stick his tongue in my mouth too." Hall's complaint, which was filed in Los Angeles on May 5th, calls O'Connor a "desperate attention-seeker" and calls her story "outlandish defamatory lies."
She wrote a very long and detailed post about the whole incident on her Facebook page.
"Two words for the DEA investigating where prince got his drugs over the decades ... Arsenio Hall. Anyone imagining prince was not a long time hard drug user is living in cloud cuckoo land," O'Connor wrote in a post that has since been deleted.
"Arsenio I've reported you to the Carver County Sheriff's office. Expect their call. They are aware you spiked me years ago at Eddie Murphy's house. You best get tidying your man cave."

However, Hall has denied all of O'Connor's claims and said O'Connor has a history of "bizarre, unhinged internet rants." 

Hall also goes into detail on the contentious relationship he believes O'Connor had with Prince, alleging they had a "feud" and once engaged in " a violent fistfight" with the late singer where O'Connor "spat on him repeatedly after she told Prince 'to go f**k himself.'"

In replying to Arsenio Hall's purported lawsuit,Sinead said-“I’m more amused than I’ve ever dreamed . . . and look forward very much to how hilarious it will be watching him trying to prove me wrong,” O’Connor posted on Facebook.
“I’m also very happy to notice that the DEA have taken me seriously enough to be thoroughly questioning all of Prince’s friends and aides from the last thirty years as to his KNOWN history of hard drug use and where he obtained his drugs,” she wrote. “I do not like drugs killing musicians. And I do not like Arsenio Hall.

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