Student who wore America was never great hat gets death threats!

America was never great hat.A student who wore a baseball cap reading America Was Never Great hat to mock Donald Trump was shocked to receive death threats on social media.

Krystal Lake, 22, bought the cap to ridicule the Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump slogan “Make America Great Again”.She said Trump's slogan did not make room for bigger aspirations beyond the past and that he was dismissive of groups that did not fit his ideal demographic.

After wearing the hat at her Sunday morning shift at DIY store Home Depot in Staten Island in New York she began to receive death threats on social media.

She told the New York Times :
“They were actually threatening to kill me over a hat. I couldn’t believe it. I was calling my best friend and I was like, ‘How is this happening? It’s just a hat.’ ” 

 Hundreds of people also telephoned the store to complain, which led to staff members ignoring the phones.But other people took to twitter to praise Krystal for telling it like it is and exposing the racism at the heart of American society.

 When questioned whether she will wear the hat again, Ms Lake said: “Definitely”.

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