The day Bukom Banku's 5 wives beat him up badly

The day Bukom Banku's 5 wives beat him up badly

Bukom banku and his wives make a public appearance
The boxer with 3 of his wives.
Bukom Banku wives.To start with i don't know which is which in this story.The report we gathered was that 5 wives of the boxer Bukom Banku beat him up on the 12th of March 2016,but we thought he had only 3 wives.Hmmmm,well,the boxer who had publicly said many times that he beats up his wives if they mess with his money or misbehave got his nemesis whe his wives joined hands and beat him up mercilessly.The gist is he might have been killed if he had not been rescued by the neighbours.He had beat up one of the wives
like he does regularly whne the others joined hands and attacked him.
The wives allegedly used weapons and all sorts to deal with Bukom.As you can see from the picture below,he was really dealt with.He was rushed to the hospital by his neighbours.I wonder why they bothered.

The boxer in the past said ,yes i beat my wife,they know me as a boxer and even before i married them,they know i beat women if they misbehave.It is also said he boasts often that no policeman can touch him cos they are in his pocket! Wow!
The boxer intimidates the Bukum community and has been accused of multiple assaults, including women who offend him or refuse his sexual advances.
Bukom Banku with another of his wives
He has a mentality that doesn't make him realise that beating up people is an offence.
He brags shamelessly about his closeness with President John Mahama and even has a song celebrating the achievements of the president.

In 2015, when he assaulted Akoto Lantey in Accra with a cutlass, police inspector Victor Dosoo told the Adjabeng Magistrate’s Court that efforts to get Banku to report to the police for investigations weren't  successful.

His community feels he is untouchable. And he himself has allegedly told his victims he is untouchable. So far, he is untouchable and his madness continues.
For instance, in 2010, he allegedly assaulted his wife with who he has two children with. He also allegedly assaulted his brother-in-law, Theophilus Osei Duodu.
Osei Duodu told the police he was punched several times in the right eye by Banku, claiming the assault has caused him temporal blindness.
He said his only offence was to go to the rescue of his pregnant sister, Manye Otobia, who Banku had turned into a punching bag.

"If you have a wife and she makes mistake, can't you beat her up?" Bukom Banku said recently on the Delay Show. "So I beat her."

"You beat up your wife," host Delay asked him. "Yes!" Bukom Banku responded. "If my wife misbehave, I beat her."
A  few days after his interview on the Delay Show, he was accused of  assaulting Shallot Naa Dasua-Dudoo and Eunice Naa Dakwaa- Lamptey, both residents of Bukom.
Dasua-Dudoo told UTV the Boxer is his uncle and that he wants to have sex with her.
She said: "In our house, he has done that to all his nephews and the ladies there. If you tell him that you are not interested, he will beat you up. They are all afraid of him. They cannot talk. He brought me GHC150 and I told him I cannot do it. Then he brought me GHC200 and I told him I cannot do it. Then he brought me GHC40 million, he begged me to show him my nakedness so he gives me the money, then I told him I cannot do it.
“Today, I was sitting in front of my gate, then he came to insult me, when I responded, he physically assaulted me in the face. When my friend [Dakwaa- Lamptey] came to intervene, he physically assaulted my friend too.”
Afterward, Bukum Bankum  s***-bombed Dasua-Dudoo's house and bragged to her that the police cannot arrest him, and that President Mahama is his father.
The boxer also allegedly hit Dakwaa-Lamtey, Dasua-Dudoo’s friend, with a stick, bit her and elbowed her in the eye.
Dakwaa-Lamtey said “We want the whole world to speak for us, what he is doing in Bukum is not understandable.”

For how long can we tolerate such a tyrant? Especially in a community people barely know their rights. In a community where according to the CHF International, a multinational development organisation, 2,871 people sleep outside, while 14,431 sleep in rooms.

In Ghana, one in every three women is affected by family violence.
The Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit of the Ghana Police Service in 2014 recorded 17,655 cases.
Wife battery and assault recorded 5,212 cases. Non-maintenance topped the list with 6,158 cases.

People like Banku setback our quest to ending violence against women and children.

His strength must be measured against our desire  to eradicate violence. Ours has to be  mightier. Otherwise, residents of Bukom will continue to live in fear because of one man, Braimah Kamoko.
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