The Loves and heartbreaks of Sanaa Lathan,Denzel,Tyrese,Omar and Rumours.

The Loves and heartbreaks of Sanaa Lathan,Denzel,Tyrese,Omar and Rumours.

Sanaa LATHAN AND Denzel Washington had a torrid affair that almost resulted in him leaving his wife

Sanaa and Denzel.Sanaa Lathan is one sexy woman with an interesting love life.And if some are to be believed it is catching up with her.Sanaa who is now 44 years old and single apparently was cursed with black magic for trying to ruin Denzil Washington's marriage.She has also been linked with Tyrese,French Montana,Kobe Bryant,while she dated Omar Epps.
So some people came up with the most ridiculous reason she hasn't settled down yet! You have to read it to believe it...See below as I found on MediaTakeOut
Everyone keeps wondering WHY Sanaa Lathan can’t find a man. That’s because she had roots put on her. I don’t know if you know what roots is, but it’s
Black magic that people from the South use. Sanaa carried on a two-year relationship with Denzel [Washington].
It wasn’t just a jumpoff type of relationship either. [Sanaa] actually convinced Denzel to leave his wife [Paula] over it. Paula and Denzel had to go through counseling, and through the Church, their marriage was saved. But Sanaa caused so much heartache on that family. Denzel’s wife and kids really suffered through that time. Paula is too classy to do anything to Sanaa for her scandalousness, but her family isn’t. [Paula’s family] are from South Carolina, and she has an aunt that put the roots on Sanaa. [The voodoo will make it so that] she will never have a happy relationship because of what she did.
Sanaa Lathan and French Montana pregnancy rumours.
Sanaa Lathan talks French Montana.Like i said Sanaa has an interesting love life.Then there's the French Montana connection,For a while there has been talk about the two dating.There were even stories once about a Sanaa being pregnant.A claim she came out to deny. But the two definitely had a thing going on or have a thing going on.As recently as March 2016,Dj Khaled was at a party with the couple and in a video he put on Snap Chat asked French to identify the beautiful Queen he was with,and guessed who the video zoomed in on? Yep,you got it!
Tyrese and Sanaa Lathan relationship rumours,the two seem rather cosy here.

Sanaa Lathan and Tyrese.Then there is the Tyrese link.The two were spotted having dinner and the rumour lines lit up.she came out to quench the fire on that saying they only had dinner and there was nothing more to it.But interestingly Tyrese kept mum about the whole thing,Hmmmm.But when you see those two together in pictures,the smiles,the chemistry,you definitely think they had it going on..A Mr and Mrs Jones scenario maybe,except in this case,no one is married.

The Kobe Bryant and Sanaa encounter that never was,or was it?
Kobe Bryant Sanaa.And we all remember the crazt link Sanaa had with Kobe Bryant. Lathan, then 40, who’s the voice of Donna Tubbs on “The Cleveland Show,” came to a concert with a girlfriend, and Bryant, 33, was with teammate Matt Barnes and a bodyguard, were initially seated on adjacent couches in the club-like friends-and-family VIP area behind center stage. Kim Kardashian , Beyoncé and Jake Gyllenhaal were among the other celebs in attendance.
Eventually, Lathan and Bryant ended up standing next to each other, and that’s when our source said the actress, who was drinking champagne, became progressively more flirtatious with the NBA star, who stuck to soft drinks, presumably because he’s in training. Lathan, attired in a Hot white-chiffon dress over what appeared to be a black bra, was “whispering in his ear” and at one point stroked the ballplayer’s face. “It seemed like a pretty intimate gesture,” says the source.
At one point she left her seat and when she came back, she made sure she was standing next to Kobe again,” says the source She also danced to Jay-Z and West’s performance in front of Bryant.
“She was throwing her head everywhere. Her hair was like slapping him in the face,” laughs the source, who adds that at one point, one of the straps of Lathan’s dressed slipped enticingly off her shoulder. When West performed “All of the Lights,” Bryant and Lathan danced together.
Well,this sounded ridiculous to me as well,and the Love and Basketball star quickly tweeted there was no truth in it and she was not Kobe's kind,insinuating he liked white girls or was not into black girls,Sanaa's tweet below-Can a girl have some fun at a jayz/kanye concert w/out being linked 2 a breakup? I AM NOT, NEVER HAVE BEEN, INVOVLED W/KOBE IN ANY WAY.
Anybody who pays attention knows I’m not his type… Blank stare. #blackgirlsrock #dontbelievethelies.

Love & Basketball

Perhaps the saddest of all was the Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan relationship.The Love and Basketball co stars were a joy together and looked such a cute team.But sadly,that did not work out in the end and Omar is now happily married.
So could there really be a curse on Sanaa? Would she ever find true and everlasting love?
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