The many hairstyles and hair cuts of Lupita Nyong'o

lupita nyong'o hairstyles
Lupita Nyon'go hairstyles.Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong'o has become synonymous with her many hairstyles.She wears them naturally and we love it.Lupita's many hairstyles can be seen all over the internet and magazines and the Kenyan super star actress sure is inspiring lots of ladies to wear their hair natural.It's not quite Brazilian weave there,but hey,a drop might eventually make an ocean.
I was particularly taken with the hair style Lupita wore at the Met Gala 2016.I didn't know where the inspiration came from,but i had seen old African picture in the past.She later shared on social media where she got her inspiration from.See more of Lupita's many hairstyles after the cut.

Lupita at the Met Gala 2016

lupita nyong'o hairstyle to Met Gala 2016
Lupita Nyongo Met Gala 2016 hairstyle.


lupita Nyongo haircut

Lupita Nyong'o the most beautiful woman in the world

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