Video 3 Paris French Policemen abuse limbless disabled black man Francois Bayga.

paris policemen abuse disabled black man Francois Bayga3 french police officers abuse Francois Bayga a disabled black man in Paris
Francois Bayga treatment from the French Police really brought a tear to my eye.Three Paris police officers on Monday, May 2, stopped and searched a disabled black man identified as Francois Bayga, who was waiting for his immigration status. One officer pushed him against the wall, while another pulled his prostetic legs off just to see if he wasn't "hiding anything"

They left him on the ground, his phone and transport card scattered around and his prostetic legs way beyond his reach.It is 2016 and black people are still facing racism from the establishment in countries such as the US,Brazil,France and many more.I think the UK is still the best place in terms of equality.It is nowhere as bad here as it is in many western countries.
Aujourd'hui a mon retour de paris,je me suis retrouve devant une fouille avec une brutalite inouie a la gare de lyon
Picture of black man Francois Bayga who was abused by French policemen in Paris
Source: Post written in French by (Stop le Controle au Facies/Facebook) and translated by Writers of Colour.
Watch video below...

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