Wilfried Bony impregnates 23yr he met on instagram then dumps her!

Miss Ngobe got pregnant for Man city footballer Wilfried Bony

Wilfried Bony and pregnant girl Courtney Ngobe.Married Manchester City and Ivory Coast footballer Wilfried Bony has been accused of getting a 23-year-old student on Instagram pregnant.
Wilfried Bony, an Ivory Coast international who earns £100,000-a-week at Manchester City, has been criticised by the family of Londoner Courtney Ngobe.
The striker, who has two children with his wife, denies he is the father and has reportedly
agreed to a paternity test after the child is born.

Manchester city and ivory coast Footballer Wilfried Bony in scandal after 23 year old girl gets pregnant

Footballer Wilfried Bony (right) is accused of getting Courtney Ngobe (left) pregnant before leaving her
The claims were made in an angry post on Bony’s Instagram page by Miss Ngobe’s sister yesterday
The allegations came to light after Miss Ngobe’s sister, Nicole, posted an angry message on the footballer’s Instagram page.
She wrote: ‘I’ve sat back and said nothing while you ruin my little sister’s life.If you don’t want children how about you learn how to use a CONDOM!!!!!!!!
‘You told her you would support her to turn around and do absolutely NOTHING!! All you’ve done is cause nothing but stress and grief for my sister.
‘Once we prove the child is yours you can’t take these 8 months back! We don’t want your money but you have to provide for your child!’
Nicole, 24, later told The Sun: ‘Bony chased my sister on Instagram. She had no idea he was married with kids. She’s naive.’
Nicole defended herself against attacks online today, insisting: ‘My sister regrets nothing and couldn’t be happier for the little blessing she’s about to have.
‘She slept with a man who told her he loved her and would always take care of her? She has taken full accountability. He however takes none and refuses to acknowledge his responsibility.’
It is claimed Bony turned down the opportunity to take a paternity test before the baby was born, but will take one after the birth.

Miss Ngobe (pictured) is looking forward to giving birth and takes full responsibility, her sister has said
Courtney posted this picture on Instagram and said the baby was a ‘blessing from heaven’
Bony made his Instagram private after the comments were posted yesterday.
The 27-year-old star, who moved to Manchester City for £28million after an impressive spell with Swansea, has previously spoken about the strong influence his mother and father had on him.
He told the Daily Mail in 2014: ‘They were not very poor but not rich. My parents always had jobs. [My father] wanted me to continue in school.
‘My mum helped me. She bought me boots, black boots, because I used to play without shoes. I used to hurt my feet.’
He masterminded a scheme to tour Ivory Coast in which he reportedly gave £30,000 to help deprived children in the West African country.
A spokesman for Bony has said the social media posts are ‘upsetting and distressing for him and his family’.
Bony is said to deny being the father and has reportedly agreed to a paternity test after the baby is born

Bony is said to deny being the father and has reportedly agreed to a paternity test after the baby is born

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