Father's day in Nigeria,Gift ideas,the origin and historical facts of the day.

Father's day in Nigeria,Gift ideas,the origin and historical facts of the day.

Father's day Nigeria 2016.
We all know by now that Father's day in Nigeria is always celebrated on the third Sunday of every June.The history of father's day as well as gift and present ideas,the creators of the day and how it has grown and is celebrated all over the world will be discussed here.This year's falls on the 19th of June and Nigeria will join many other countries all over the world celebrating the day that is special for all fathers.It should be noted that Father's Day is celebrated at different times in many Countries across the world.
Its a day for the celebration of fathers and fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in the wider society.
My heart goes out to all the fathers who for one reason or the other have been kept away from their children due to situations beyond their control.I also hope those fathers who have

chosen to be absent fathers see it as a day they can turn the corner and begin to take responsibility of being a dad.

Gift ideas for father's day.This is a bit of a dicey one.I'm a father myself and truly at the age my kids are now,i'm not really bothered if i get gifts from them or not.A card,a phone call or a hug will be the best father's day gift for me.But for those who have grown up kids who rightly so would like to show appreciation and spoil their dads like we do on Mother's day,here are some gift ideas.

1.We are in the age of the internet and everyone has logged in to that fact.You cannot imagine the average person going a day without somehow interracting in one way or the other online.So for that fact,a laptop will be a beautiful gift for your dad on his special day. laptops are
great for all laptop lovers, and dads are not excluded.

2.For those of us a bot low on finance,a nice 3 packs of boxers shorts will do nicely for dad.And every morning that he wears any of your boxers gifts,he would remember with a smile on his face that his kid bought this for him.I mean,how close can you get to a man than his boxers?

3.If you maybe fall into the category of just finishing University or something similar and you haven't got a job yet,hence low on finance,(we know how hard it can be to get jobs in Nigeria for undergraduates and graduates)why not try the personal touch,and cook your dad his favourite meal ever?Afterall they do say the way to a man's heart is his stomach.Now imagine how he must feel with you cooking him his best and favourite meal?It will be an emotional as well as a happy and unforgettable experience for him.

4.Cologne or Aftershave.A cologne never fails,especially if you have an idea what his favourite brand is.If you don't,its your chance to open him up to a new discovery.Colognes and aftershaves come with a very personal touch,because you tend to be associated with what you wear often.So in a way you might be bonding even more with your father if this becomes something he takes a shine to.

5. Another gift that is also close to the internet are the Game Consoles.Though most of the gaming nowadays is done with smartphones and tablets that are easy to carry around, some people like me still love game consoles. You know, that feeling you get when you sit in front of the wide-screen TV, completely lost in the football or RPG game, thinking out ways to beat your opponent and emerge victorious… believe me, some people still love it. Particularly, people with large hands don’t enjoy gaming with smartphones at all. So
if your dad is a game-loving type with large hands,you may want to get him a complete gaming console set this Father’s Day...

6. Smartphone Projector.Yes, that’s exactly what it’s called. A Smartphone
Projector. A smartphone projector is a device thatallows you to display the screen of your smartphone on virtually anything, the way movie projectors do. If your dad is a movie lover or video freak, getting this device could make him happy this season....

7. Car Charger.
You’ve probably heard of these one, and you probably have one in your father’s car right now. But wait, have you heard of a car charger for your LAPTOP? Probably not. New technology products are unfolding everyday and this is one of them. With Car Charger for Laptop & Tablet, you can charge your laptop and
smartphone at the same time without compromising charging time and quality. Your father would surely be delighted to have one of these in his car!

8. Car Fuel Shark Saver.
This a new device that is set to change the way our cars consume fuel and battery power. It increases 
fuel mileage and reduces increases horsepower,
leading to reduced fuel consumption and longer battery life. One more thing I noticed about this device(it’s currently installed in my dad’s car, so Iknow) is that it increases the overall performance of a vehicle in all sections. Within two weeks of installation, my dad’s car audio was already sounding like the amplifiers used in concerts and music jams.
The fuel shark is available in most stores and shops that sell related products in Nigeria.

9.There are some gifts that are a hit whatever the occasion is.One of those is a nice white crisp shirt your dad can wear to the office,in this case it does not necessarilly have to be a white shirt,but something nice and maybe in his favourite colour will do.As a nice finishing touch,you can add a tie to it and your dad will really be thankful for his father's day presents.
So where does father's day come from?Or better still,who created father's day?Well,I'll try to bring you some father's day history facts, when father's day was introduced and how it originated with some info below...

Where did Father’s Day originate?

Two different women have been credited with this great feat. The first woman is, Grace Golden Clayton of West Virginia, who suggested to her pastor in 1908 that the church honor fathers,this ideas of hers,was thought to have been inspired by an incident of  a mining disaster in nearby Monongah the year before that killed 362 men and left 1,000 widows and children.
The second woman thought to have created father's day is the one who is more widely recognized as the creator of Father’s Day,her name is Sonora Dodd of Spokane, Washington. Dodd and her five siblings were raised by a single father in a time when that was largely uncommon for men to carry out such feat, and in 1910,in appreciation of this Sonora started a petition to recognize the holiday.
The first piece of legislation regarding the day was a 1913 bill by Congress specifying that the third Sunday in June is Father’s Day." By the 1930s to the 1960s it slowly gained popularity.
In 1966 President Lyndon Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation to mark the celebration of Father’s Day, and in 1972 President Richard Nixon finally signed it into law.
So there you have it folks,historical facts about how father's day was created by two appreciative women,as well as ways you can appreciate and celebrate our special dad.Hope you all have a great day and see you again next year on that special third Sunday of the year.
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