Internet go crazy with Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston memes

taylor swift and tom hiddleston memes
Why do people think Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift faked their kiss in the photos that have since emerged?I really don't get it,but judging by the memes of the couple going round the internet,a lot of people seem to believe so.I think the two are genuine personally.You only have to see the Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston dancing Youtube video to know the two have a chemistry,bt hey,this is showbiz and i can't rule anything out.Taylor's presumed new boo, Tom, is said to have sent her flowers and gotten in touch immediately he heard of her split with Calvin Harris but the internet is not convinced their relationship is all it seems. Predictably, the memes and tweets are rolling in. See more tweets and memes of the Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston kiss/relationship after the cut.

Photo credit- Dailymail UK

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