Lady who called man a Ritualist &Fraudster released by Lagos Police.

Motunrayo seen here with Abiodun Abdulahi Akinlawon who she accused of being a ritualist and fraudster
Motunrayo released by police after being arrested for calling Abiodun Abdulahi Akinlawon a ritualist and fraudster. The lady named Motunrayo who took to her IG page two days to accuse a young man named Abiodun Abdulahi Akinlawon (right) of being a suspected ritualist & fraudster has been released by the police after apolofizing to him publicly.
I think the whole thing stinks and there should be an investigation by the police.But will this happen in Nigeria?Probably NO.The question is,how much did the complainant pay the police to arrest this girl.If a person slanders you,there is a civil and proper way to deal with it.You go to court.You don't go and arrest a person half naked because they have said
something that has not even been proven if its true or not.Absolutely disgusting.
In case you haven't been following the story,here's what happened.

 The young lady named Motunrayo (left) took to her Instagram page to accuse a young man named Abiodun Abdulahi Akinlawon (right) of being a suspected ritualist and fraudster.

She alleged that he was caught while trying to perform a ritual on another woman and is an internet fraudster currently trying to escape out of Nigeria to Dubai. A day after she made the accusation online, the young man reported her to the police and got her arrested for tarnishing his image. He then shared photos & a video taken during her arrest on Facebook. She wasn't even dressed and they put handcuffs on her. Is that in any way legal? See the video after the cut and tell us what you think...
These are police men from Alagbado police station. During her arrest, the lady said the man had told her he'd used her for ritual and that all the messages from him were on her phone.  

She was arrested by the police  and a video then surfaced , showing her apologizing to the accused. Watch the video below...

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