Liam Fox joins Prime Minister race but Susanna Reid cuts him down on TV.

LIAM Fox Brexit, the former Defence Secretary, has unsurprisingly thrown in his cap to  join the race to become the next Prime Minister, promising a "new dawn" for Britain.But he got a rude awakening from tv Presenter Susanna Reid.

The Brexit campaigner threw his hat into the ring saying: "I come into this race with a great sense of optimism and confidence for Britain."
And he called for an Australian-style points-based immigration system following last week's historic vote to quit the European Union.

Dr Fox, who stood in the last Tory leadership contest in 2005, said Britain's currentimmigration policy "discriminates" against non-EU citizens.
He said: "In terms of the EU, we need to make it very clear we intend to honour the instruction given to us by the British people. We will leave the EU.
"I don't believe the British public would accept the free movement in return for access to the Single Market. We need to have a more free-trade approach.
He said it would be "easier" if the next Prime Minister was a Brexiteer but insisted: "All the candidates have tremendous attributes they can bring to the country."
Dr Fox was forced to resign as Defence Secretary in 2011 after being found guilty of breaking the ministerial code.
But pressed about the incident, he said: "On the question of the past, I think it's a question of wider background.
"I've also served in the Foreign Office and I worked as a doctor in the NHS – that's my real background outside politics, which I think is important."
Susanna Reid and Liam Fox on Good Morning Britain.
But he got a rude awakening of things to come when he appeared on Good Morning Britain as one of the presenters,Susanna Reid had questions about his chances…“Do you have a cat in hell’s chance at winning?” she asked, bluntly.
The ex-GP explained that he doesn’t come from a privileged background, was a doctor before becoming a cabinet minister, and has “experienced a political life outside of Westminster unlike most of the others”.
He argued that his experience as an employee of the NHS was a major bonus to his campaign and that he feels someone who voted out should lead the country through the Brexit process.
“Who would you like to win if you don’t?” Reid pressed.
“The person who’s vision is closest to mine. Someone who is very clear about having an open society whatever their background,” Fox said.
“Is that Boris Johnson?” Reid asked, keen to get a clear answer.
"I hope it’s me!” Fox said boldly.
“Can someone who voted to remain really lead the UK out of the EU?” Reid asked finally.
“It would be harder, they’d have less credibility with the public,” Fox concluded.
“Well, he’s not backing Theresa May then,” Reid said to Shephard after they said goodbye to Fox.

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