Liz Da Silva baby father dumps her and asks for DNA test For Son!

Liz Da Silva baby father dumps her and asks for DNA test For Son!

liz da silva baby naming ceremony
Nollywood Yoruba actress Liz Da Silva has been caught up in a DNA scandal with her baby father Alhaji Yemi Olaoye. The man who is not her husband as they never got married, has ordered her to do a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of her baby boy according to reports..
Liz Da Silva son baby father Yemi Olaoye who had been cheating on his wife with the Nollywood actress dumped her after his legal wife Zainab Olaoye delivered a baby boy in

Insiders alleged that Yemi dumped Liz Da Silva and his 3-year-old son Abdulroheem Olasunkanmi when he found out that the actress has been cheating on him with NURTW boss, MC Oluomo.

On getting back with his wife,Olaoye is said to have cut off all financial support to the actress and her son and even refused to pay for her house rent when he went back into the forgiving arms of his wife.
The source said Da Silva abandoned Christianity few years ago and converted to Islam in order to please Yemi Olaoye who is said to be into oil and gas business.

At the time,Liz was said to have converted from Christianity to Islam after her childbirth and did her Islamic name change (Wonka Ceremony) after which she changed her name to Aishat Olaoye. The actress said she preferred to be called Aishat instead of her 

former Christian name. “In case you want to know I have a good relationship with my baby’s father and that is why I had to convert to Muslim and got a new name Aishat before they baby was named. I am a Christian, but I had to convert to Islam because of my baby,”
 At a point when he abandoned the actress, she confessed to him that the boy is not his son and asked for forgiveness.

Yemi Olaoye in turn requested for DNA test, a request the actress didn’t honour. As it stands, Liz Da Silva has found herself back into the arms of MC Oluomo who recently found her a decent apartment in Lagos.
An insider said Liz has declined to carry out the DNA test till this moment despite the pressure from Yemi Olaoye.

If you know the genesis of Liz Da Silva's pregnancy as of the time she was expecting,it was heavily rumoured that her pregnancy was that of Mc Oluomo.
Personally,having seen the picture of the boy,i think he looks alot like the Alhaji Yemi Olaoye,but i guess only Liz truly knows who her baby father is.
liz da silva mc olumo baby father
Liz Da Silva naming ceremony had been a big affair with her Nollywood friends coming out to support her.Among those who showed her support on the day with their presence were Mercy Aigbe,Mide Martins,Yomi Gold,Taiwo Aromokun and Ronke Odusanya to mention a few.

Prior to that a Liz Da Silva baby shower surprise had taken place courtessy of her friends.All this was going on with her having to deal with the constant gossips about who the father of her baby was.She has survived all this and now this new development, i'm afraid has brought it all back and she has to face the gossips all over again.

At her baby shower thrown by her Nollywood friends.
Giving a baby to another man knowingly is not a nice thing.I have experienced it with a close family member of mine,and believe me its the worst thing that can happen to all parties concerned.
Liz Da Silva biography.The actress and producer started her career in 2004, she appears mostly in Yoruba movies, She is a well known and well featured actress in the Yoruba movie world.She runs a charity event annually which is known as Ankara Ball.


Her parents are from Togo, but she was born in Lagos Island. She grew up in Obalende. She still have links with her Togolese family. Most of them are still on the island. Her grandparents met and married in Lagos Island. Her mum also met her father on the island. She has no intention of going to live in Togo.

She believes Nigeria is the place she's known all her life.

Liz's parent were separated and her mother died before she started acting. She however did not grow up or live with her dad, she grew up with her mother who was a single mother.
According to her: She doesn't have any attachment to her father.

In an interview Liz said: 
"I know where he is but that father/daughter relationship does not exist. And I am not bothered about that. You care for those who care for you.  Growing up with my mother was very challenging and difficult. I will always miss her.  She really stood by me all the while. I feel sad that I didn’t do enough for her before she died. My father eventually married another woman. You know the way men behave. For you to be a single mother, it means the father of your child has another wife somewhere that is making him stay away from you. But I don’t feel bad that he has another wife. I am not used to him. I don’t think about him. He is certainly not as close to me as my mother. That was why I almost went mad when she died. We were quite close to each other."

She got inspired into the theater world from her secondary school days when they used to do school drama.
After her nursery/primary and secondary educations, she later proceeded to LASU on Anthony campus, Lagos for further studies. 


Liz Da Silva and Iyabo Ojo.She started her journey in Yoruba movies when she was introduced by a colleague of hers, Iyabo Ojo who introduced her to Muka Ray.
Till date, Muka Ray has been her mentor in the industry. Two movies actually brought her to the limelight. One of them is Wakati Meta. She's yet to be given a role in any Nollywood film.
"If I‘m given the opportunity to appear in one, I shall grab it. I have heard some Yoruba actors and actresses say that they avoid English language movies because of ethnic sentiments. But you don’t judge people from a distance. The likes of Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde and Bimbo Akintola have been involved in the production of such movies and they are doing well. I just believe that getting a role in an English language movie depends on who you know. So far, I am satisfied with what I am doing now.She said in an interview.

She released her own movie in 2012, titled MAMA INSURANCE a movie which was quite a buzz in 2012, the movie has an all-female cast. According to her she just wanted to do something different. But then, she's not the first person to ever shoot a movie that features only actresses.
In the movie, she featured the likes of Ayo Mogaji, Lanre Hassan, Iyabo Ojo, Ronke Ojo, and Doris Simon, among many others. She had to start producing movies in order to churn out stories that would impact positively on people’s lives. "I really work hard on my stories." she says.

Liz has openly admitted that her relationship with fellow actress, Iyabo Ojo is no longer what it used to be. “It is not as if we had a disagreement. There is an adage that says 20 children cannot play together for 20 years. We are no longer as close as we used to be and that is just it,” she added

If there’s one Nollywood actress she will not exchange greetings with would be Taiwo Aromokun Abimbola. “She is not my friend and we are not close. It is not as if we are enemies. I don’t know where the story that we were both having sex with MC Oluomo originated from,” she noted.

Da Silva believes it is crucial for all actresses and actors to have a back-up plan. “If you are a movie actress and you don’t have any other thing doing, you are just killing yourself. I believe that as you are there today, some people will be there tomorrow. You just have to get a back-up. This is not a job you wake up every day in the morning and say you are going to work,” she added.

She runs an annual event which has always featured different big celebrities
When asked about it in an interview she said:  
The concept behind Ankara day is to promote unity of Africans through our culture, assist the less privileged through donations made on ‘Ankara day’ yearly, to organize fashion pageants for developing youths, positive behavior towards our cultural costumes, to elevate and appreciate our culture through our way of life, e.g our mode of dressings, to keep our bond as actors. The programmes for the event include: choreography, stage play (pantomime), Ewi, panegyric music, fashion parade, dance troupe and musical performance. Popular actress Toyin Aimakhu will anchor the event, while Wasiu Alabi Pasuma among others will entertain the guests.

The reason Liz Da Silva occupies an enviable position is unarguably tied to her prowess as an actress, her spree of consistency and the level of attention her activities, her lifestyle and details of her intimate life have earned her in the past few years.Despite her scandals and tough times,she is still here standing and making waves.This baby father scandal with her son will surely pass and don't be surprised to see her at the top for many years to come.
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