Rita Dominic Profile,wedding,Husband,skin bleaching and child stories

Rita Dominic Profile,wedding,Husband,skin bleaching and child stories

Rita Dominic biography,child,house,child

Rita Dominic biography. Welcome to the world of Nollywood actress Rita Dominic.We shall be taking you through her wedding,husband,skin bleaching allegations,her net worth and of course many beautiful pictures.
Rita is a member of the Royal Waturuocha family of Aboh Mbaise local government area in Imo State. She was born on July 12, 1975 (age 40).She is the youngest of four siblings.Her late parents were medical practitioners; her father was a medical doctor and her mother a nursing officer.Dominic attended the prestigious Federal Government College, Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.She later went to to the University of Port Harcourt, where
she graduated with a BA (Honours) Degree in Theatre Arts in 1999.

Like many stars,Rita knew from childhood that she wanted to become a famous actress.She played many parts in performances at school and also appeared on Tv during children television shows in Imo state.  In 1998 she made her debut in the film “A time to kill”. She has since appeared in more than 100 Nollywood films,and today is one of the most recognised actresses all over Africa.
Rita has produced so many films herself as well and she apparently loves singing as well,so we might be seeing a Rita Domic music album sometime in the future.Her net worth is said to be 60 million Naira.
One of the stand out points of the actress is her beauty and beautiful figure.This is not by chance as she is said to exercise 2 hours daily to ease stress and keep body and soul healthy.Her hobbies also include reading,travelling,watching movies and acting.

Gossips about you comes with the territory once you are a star.So its no surprise the actress has had her life under scrutiny so many times.What the fans are most eager for is to see Rita Dominic and her husband wedding pictures.There have been a few high profile boyfriends and rumors such as Jim Iyke.But the most interesting rumour that probably was not true,is the one about Mikel Obi and Rita dating and getting married.

Strong dating rumours with Mikel Obi.

The couple were seen out and about and people quickly put 2 and 2 together and got 7! Speaking with one of Mikel’s aides, he said he was sent by Mikel to go scout for good expensive ring. He also made it clear that Mikel hasn’t been known with so many women, so all fingers point at Rita Dominic.Sadly that story was not true,so Rita at 40 years old still waits patiently for her knight in shining armour.And you never know,we might be seeing those wedding pictures with her husband real soon.
Rita Dominic child
This picture with a child started rumours of her having a daughter.
Another rumour that had been around for a while is the fact that Rita Dominic has a child,a daughter to be precise.Well,Rita has no children and is looking forward to having children when she gets married,not before then.She has never been married so any rumours of a past husband is untrue and if you see any wedding pictures,trust me,they are from a movie.
Rita Dominic skin bleaching.
image result for rita dominic bleaching

One of the most common accusations that our actresses face is that of skin bleaching.So many actresses have gone from a dark shade to 3 shades lighter skin withing a short time.It seems to be an unwritten rule in Nollywood that to make it you have to be light skin.But the funny thing is,the most popular actresses,Omotola Jalade and Genevieve Nnaji,did not bleach their skin.They have remained the way they were when they started.

I am not sure how much Rita has bleached her skin or if she has at all,but she does look a bit lighter than she did when she started out.This could be down to 2 reasons,she is toning or the lighting in films.I would not put her totally in the bleaching bracket because she has always been a bit on the fair side.So lets just say Rita toned and did not bleach right? lol
So there you are,i hope you have enjoyed my feature on Rita and are an even bigger fan of the Nollywood actress now than before.

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