The war between 2Face wife Annie Idibia and Pero Adeniyi's sister Eniola.

annie idibia and pero adeniyi

There is a war going on between 2Face's wife Annie Idibia and Pero Adeniyi's elder sister Eniola.Pero Adeniyi is 2Face's baby Mama who has 3 children for him.Everyone knows that Annie Macaulay and Pero Adeniyi were never best friends,the tow simply don't
like each other.So this is what happened.Yesterday, Annie Idibia took to her IG page to share her thoughts on how child abuse could result from situations where separated parents and ex's stress one another over seeing their children. She then gave a shout-out to Sumbo Adeoye, the mother of two of 2baba's sons, for being a great woman,without mentioning the
other baby mama being Pero.An obvious shade.

This was where Pero's elder sister Eniola felt enough was enough and clapped back at Annie.

According to Eniola, Annie is jealous that 2face 'got away from her claws' to throw a birthday party for his daughter with Pero. 2face allegedly traveled to see his kids yesterday and this is his first visit to them in over two years. Eniola alleged that Annie harasses Pero with text messages anytime 2face tries to make contact with their Kids and wants to cut them off from him. That even 2face has to hide to contact them in order not to face her anger. Annie responded to the allegations by asking her to get off her Instagram page but Eniola continued to fire back.
More drama followed,pictures were loaded online of 2Face and his children in the US where Pero and the kids are based.Remarkably in all these,Pero has kept quiet,not said a world or message on social media,but like the old saying goes,if you see a mermaid dancing on top of the sea,there's a drummer under the sea beating the drums,lol.
See more texts of the drama below.

annie idibia and pero adeniyi fight

annie idibia pero adeniyi

Pero Adeniyi's sister is in a fight with Annie Idibia online over 2face and his children

annie idibia and pero adeniyi 2face

2face and Pero as seen in this picture taken in a night club,were said to have been fooling around and kissing.Annie was in the same club that night,but was downstairs while the hubby and her rival were upstairs.It's no wonder the two don't like each other.

The pictures above are of 2Face and his children with Pero Adeniyi who he had gone to see in America.Apparently he had not seen them in 2 years due to the influences of his wife Annie.

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