Cristiano Ronaldo off in Tears at Euro 2016 as Moth becomes superstar

Cristiano Ronaldo off in Tears at Euro 2016 as Moth becomes superstar

Cristiano Ronaldo injury tears at Euro 2016 Final. The Real Madrid and Portugal player left the European Championship final crying from a knee injury,but that was not all,a moth that landed on his face became a star on social media as over 20 twitter accounts were opened for Ronaldo's moth!
The leader and captain of Portugal wept as he was stretchered off in the first half of the final of Euro 2016. He possibly had an anterior crucial element ligament tear and had to leave the field on a stretcher at the 24th minute after trying all his best to withstand the pain and continue.Ronaldo came on for a second time but we all knew it was all over for him by his
reaction and  way he moved on the pitch.

This is the second time the European championsip finals will end in tears for the superstar.As an 18 year old he left the pitch in tears when Portugal were beaten by Greece in the final.
But this time it was a much more sadder case because at 31 years of age,this might very well be the last chance he gets to play in a major tournament final for his country Portugal.
It is very sad though that some people decided to mock Ronaldo crying after his Euro 2016 final injury.Why do people have to be so cruel? No compassion?I just don't understand it,why make Ronaldo Euro 2016 crying memes? I don't get how people can enjoy at somebody else's misfortune or misery,but i guess,that's life. 

The lighter part of the incident was the Cristiano Ronaldo moth that became a star with social media and twitter in particular going crazy for the moth.I mean what is going on when a moth becomes a star? Well that is the world we live in today.
Get well soon Cristiano and dry your tears.

Portugal win euro 2016.Ronaldo had the last laugh as they went on to win the Euro 2016 final against host nation France.An extra-time goal by Eder saw Portugal beat hosts France 1-0 in Sunday’s Euro 2016 final to win their first major tournament.

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