French Police give caution on Eiffel tower fire after Nice Bastille day attack

Eiffel Tower on fire
.French Police have warned people not to spread false rumours regarding the Eiffel Tower fire attack reports as linked with the Bastille day attack. Disturbing images emerged on Thursday night from Paris, where fire has broken out at the base the Eiffel Tower.
Initial reports from French media outlets say the fire appears to have started in
a fireworks truck, and is not related to a terror attack in Nice where more than 80 people were killed and 100 more injured Thursday night.
It was a very unfortunate and disturbing coincidence that the Eiffel tower fire and the Nice attack incidents should happen so close to each other,hence the easily concluded theory that the two incidents were linked.
A tweet from Paris police is asked people in the French capital to “not spread false rumors about the smoke.”

Video taken from the base of the Eiffel Tower showed black smoke rising from the base of the structure at the same time French television was airing reports of the terror attack in Nice.
Police have remained on high alert in Paris since the November, 2015 terror attack which left more than 130 dead.

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