Tom Hiddleston ridiculed for wearing i love Taylor Swift T Shirt!

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift shirt.The love affair between Taylor and Tom is either the sweetest and hottest thing in the world or the corniest publicity stunt ever! Fans on social media have reacted to Tom Hiddleston wearing a shirt with the words 'I love T.S' inscribed on it, signifying his love for new girlfriend Taylor Swift while
they frolicked in the Atlantic Ocean in Rhode Island.

The courtship between the pair was revealed to the world in mid-June when photos emerged of them kissing on a beach. Apart from seeing each other's family, Tom now has a tattoo of the singer on his body plus wore a 'I love T.S' shirt.

Twitter users have blasted the actor with one claiming he acted like a 12 year old and that their relationship is not real.

More tweets below...

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