Watch Azealia Banks defend her skin bleaching in ridiculous video rant

Watch Azealia Banks defend her skin bleaching in ridiculous video rant

picture of azealia banks skin bleaching

Azealia Banks bleaching.Rapper Azealia Banks always has a lot to say for herself.This time she is defending her decision to bleach her skin after being called out for her lighter skin colour.But i'm afraid she was talking a lot of crap.If you are big enough to bleach your skin,be big enough to say its what you want and you don't owe nobody no explanation.Afterall its your body.

But when you are somebody who has been a blackness advocate,you must be pretty dumb if you feel people won't come for you for bleaching your skin.Its just like a white person saying black people suck and they are good for nothing,then next day he turns around an starts speaking like a rapper and dressing like a hip hop kid.Its his prerogative and he can do these things i mentioned,but people are gonna come for him,get my point?

So a person like Azealia Banks who has been calling out certain people over blackness can't bleach her skin(right or not)and not expect to get some heat!
Anyway,our favourite controversial rapper posted a video trying to explain why she has decided to be the female Michael Jackson in making...

Watch the Azealia Banks bleach skin video below..

What’s the difference between getting a nose job and changing your skin color? What’s the difference between getting a hair weave and changing your skin color? There really isn’t a difference. For so many people to say that [me wanting to lighten my skin] negates anything I’ve said about the state of Blackness in America is ignorant,” she said.
“I think it’s contradictory — especially since so many of our favorite stars have lightened their skin. Some of my favorite artists — look at Diana Ross. I would never say that Diana Ross is any less of an artist because her skin is lighter. Like, come on! hat was the style! That was the 70s, disco-fever style. Who cares?”

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