Emir of Kano Sanusi reveals why Nigeria economy is in best hands for years

Emir of Kano Muhammadu Sanusi ii has been one of the biggest critics of the Nigerian economy and how it is run.So whe the same man speaks and says he feels the economy is approaching the best shape it has been for years,you have to sit and listen.The Emir while speaking at a lecture series at the National Defence College, Abuja said: “I think that the building blocks have been put in place. What the government has done by fighting insecurity and fighting corruption provides an environment
where economic policies can thrive.
The recent steps that have been taken by deregulating the oil sector,  liberalizing the Forex market, meeting with economists, and setting up a proper economic team, suggests that there is now attention focused on real economic issues. I am much more optimistic today than I have been in many years as far as the economy is concerned. We are going through a difficult time.

We are always bound to go through difficult times when the oilprice crash and with all the mismanagement of the past but I think right now, we are finally about to turn a corner. We need to be realistic, nobody should expect overnight that things will change. Inflation will be with us for sometime, recession will be reversed gradually.”

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