Nigeria olympic football team Siasia has not been payed for 5 months!

Nigeria olympic football team Siasia has not been payed for 5 months!

Samson Sia sia and members of the Nigeria Olympic football team in Rio,have not been paid by the NFF and are ready to stop playing!
The Coach of Under 23 football team at Rio Olympics Siasia has made a sensational and revealing rant at the NFF and Sports Ministry ahead of the quarter final clash against Denmark on Saturday.
How long is Nigeria going to continue with this shameful behaviour?Then you will hear that there are 40 officials in Rio all staying in 5 star hotels while the team and coaches have not been paid for months! I just cannot understand what is wrong with our leaders! No wonder
they fight like mad to want to become NFF chairman!

Siasia some startling revelations, saying he's been owed salary for five months and that he and his players have been disrespected by the Nigeria Football Federation and Sports Ministry all through out their Olympic journey. 

According to Siasia, he has begged his players to carry on playing for the country up till this point but he is tired and that if the players decide to boycott the quarter final match against Denmark at Rio 2016, he'll support them.
“We have been disrespected from all angles – the sports ministry, the Nigeria Football Federation. Is that how you will treat your own children? We are not street kids,” former Super Eagles coach Siasia said on Brila FM Sports Radio on Friday morning. 
“We have only been paid allowances for 11 days. There is no match bonus. What of all the months we have been training in Nigeria and Atlanta? That’s not fair. I have not received my salary for the past five months. Everything is upside down and the boys don’t want to play anymore. Whatever they want to do, I’m with them. They are right for fighting for their rights.”
Siasia continued: “The country already has a bad image, but through football it has got some good image, but still they won’t let us play.
“I have begged these boys, but I cannot do more than what I have done to get this team up to this point. I have done my best and now I am tired.”
The NFF in a statement denied ordering the players to return their Jerseys back to the NFF's office in Nigeria after the Olympics, but Siasia also slammed the report, saying they were ordered to return their kits.
”The NFF ordered that they bring back the jerseys (from Brazil). Siji Lagunju (of the NFF technical department) was directed to bring the jerseys back to the NFF.”

In response to Siasia's allegations,the NFF chairman Amaju Pinnick said they certainly do not wanna owe their coaches and are doing all they can to ensure that their wages are paid.Now where have we heard this before?
See more texts below of Amaju Pinnick trying to explain why Siasia and the dream team at the Rio Olympics have not been paid...Read from bottom to the top..


I find this whole thing very shameful.What someone should ask Amaju Pinnick is,when was the last time you were paid?Are you owed 5 months salary?I am sure we all know what the answer to that will be.It has become an embarrassment to represent Nigeria now,they treat you like sh#t..And is it any wonder when our sports men decide to represent other countries?How can a coach of our National team not be paid for 5 months?And the players not paid their allowances?
Its just incredible really,and we have heard this same thing happen over and over again for many many years.Its a bloody shame but you can bet your last wages it wont be the last time this happens to our sportsmen.
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