Sean Tizzle talks Marriage,abortion,Basktemouth,Bleaching,Sound Sultan and more

Sean Tizzle talks Marriage,abortion,Basktemouth,Bleaching,Sound Sultan and more

I like Sean Tizzle.The first time i heard his debut single Sho le,i thought,now that is a jam.But never did i imagine it will become such a monster hit.The singer himself confessed the same.More hits like Perfect gentleman ,Like to party and Loke loke and not forgetting E ruku saye po, have since followed.Since his fame,Sean Tizzle has been involved in a lot of controversy.There was the part of him having stolen his debut single from the writer,Sound Sultan,which was later resolved.Then there was the spat with Basketmouth.Then also his bleaching controversy,he insisted he doesn't bleach,but you
know what Nigerians and social media are like once they get a story going.

There were also times Sean Tizzle said stuff online that became controversial.Eventually he had to live social media for a while.I don't know if hes back as we speak.

All these made the singer stay away from the media and interviews...So when i saw this interview,i thought it was a chance for my readers to get to know more about Sean...Enjoy...
What is new about Sean Tizzle?
Basically, I’ve been working. I was in the United States for a couple of months; I had a ten city-tour that ended late March. I’ve also been working on other things like trying to hook up international collaborations with artistes like Tory Lanez and a couple of other international artistes, so that was why I’ve been out of the country for a while.   I was in the States with my producer working on my album which features Tory Lanez; watch out for it because it’s going to blow your mind. I’m actually trying to move to another level; maybe that was part of the reasons I’ve been away. Apart from working on my album, I’ve been  giving back to the society. We have this NGO we are running where we provide chairs, desks and water for some communities, and it has been on for a while. 

How did you come to choose music as a profession?

 I studied theatre arts in school. I was supposed to study law because I used to talk a lot when I was growing up. You know when you are growing up and your parents notice that you have a particular characteristic, they will often link it to a profession and try to steer you in that direction. So, I was supposed to study law; I tried University of Lagos, but it didn’t work. I tried the University of Ibadan where I chose law as my first choice and political science as my second choice, and it still didn’t work, so I just decided to opt for theatre arts. Apart from singing, I can act as well. I did a movie last year titled ‘Astray’ and I got good comments from people. What do you think people don’t know about Sean Tizzle? I am somebody who tries to live my life the best way I can, and I’m a good cook as well, so no girl can threaten me with that because I can take care of myself in that area. I also like to clean. But I don’t have a favourite food; maybe that’s why I like food. 

How has the journey been so far?

 I’m forever grateful to God and everybody who has been supporting the brand despite the fact that the media is trying to kill me by saying negative things about me. They posted a picture of me on the Internet and say all sorts of things, saying my picture was not real. Yes, I did some photoshopping on the pictures to make myself look good but the negative comments that I had bleached my skin really got to me. A whole lot of things happened, starting with Basketmouth and Sound Sultan’s issues, and nobody approached me to find out the truth about the issues if they were true or not. That is the reason I don’t want to do interviews anymore, because anytime you do interviews they say the wrong thing to generate buzz and because they want to generate buzz they just say the wrong thing and people won’t read the whole story but only the headline. 

How is your relationship like with Basketmouth after the misunderstanding? 

I’ve never met him and we’ve never spoken. But I follow him on Instagram; I see what he’s doing and I like his job. About your album, how soon should we expect it? I’m dropping my album this year, but before that, I’m going to be dropping the lead single featuring Tory Lynez, titled ‘Hit and Run,’ telling all the girls out there how much men should respect them. 

How would you rate the Nigerian music industry generally? 

Actually, we are doing well because there was a time when we used to have a limited number of radio stations. Now, we have many more radio stations in Nigeria. At one time, there were no clubs, but the rate at which clubs are currently springing up in Nigeria has really helped a lot of music artistes. The music industry is growing, but we can still do better.

 Any plan of owning a record label?
 Yes, I have a record label called Tizzle Nation. 

Have you signed any artiste? 
None presently, but we are planning to bring in a female on board. Her name is Oyinsola but her stage name is Onisola, and she’s dope. Why don’t you do collaborations with other artistes? It’s not like people don’t come to me for ‘collabos’ but if I’m not satisfied with it,  I don’t jump on  it; even if they are known artistes. I’m not feeling like I know too much, but I want to set my standard. That’s why I don’t have so many friends, and that’s why you’ll barely find me in a club because I know where I’m coming from and I have a family. 

Why are you still single? 

Maybe I’ve not seen the right girl. Even if I’m in a relationship, I will still like to keep it on a low-key because immediately they know that someone is my girlfriend, that’s when different temptations will start arising. 

What are the things you want in a woman? 

Just love me as much as I love you, because that’s the major thing. I’m not trying to be a tyrant, but at the same time, she has to respect me and understand where I’m coming from.

 What is marriage to you? 

I can’t really say because I’m still single, but at the same time, I want to have a home. I want to have kids and build a family. 

Do you support the idea of having baby mamas which is very rampant in the industry?

 It has never happened to me before, but at the same time, I don’t want to preach abortion. However, we should learn to be careful about things. But if it happens, you need to ask yourself that between killing the baby and keeping the baby, which one is the best? And the only reason you have a baby mama is because you don’t want to kill, so what I’m trying to say is that nobody planned that for themselves; even condoms are not hundred percent safe. I was with a girl and she told me that females put holes in condoms just to hook guys and have babies with them. I was surprised, and that’s why they say when girls hand you condom, don’t use it. It’s better you have yours because some of them will punch holes in it and you won’t know because you are already in the mood. So, in such situation, what do you do? Would you just say she should go and kill the baby? No. But it’s good to get married and do it the right way. 

How did you come about your stage name, Sean Tizzle? 

I actually changed my real name Seun to Sean but Tizzle just came from nowhere. But when I was in a group, I was known as Sean Tye.  
So there goes Mr Sean Tizzle,i am sure there are some headlines in this interview that would create some talking points,but Sean would not be Sean without his views.

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