The amazing life of Idris Okuneye and before and after pictures.

Idris Okuneye will not be a stranger to you if you are an avid social media user.He used to be very dark skin and changed his skin by bleaching to a very pale colour.Now he refers to himself as a barbie doll.Not only that,he openly flaunts the fact that he has rich boyfriends who spend fortunes on him.
In a particular post,he said his boyfriend is the 4th richest man in Africa..Hmmm..Do you know whom that is?
Here below is another thing Idris Olanrewaju Okuneye wrote asking not to be judged because we are
all sinners...

Just dis week alone I saw myself on three blogs, bloggers are busying making their money while some jobless fool will sit down and type rubbish….as far as am concern I don’t give a f.uck about any shit written about me.As far as am counting my millions and helping people d little way I can and also paying my tight to God. F.uck humans let God judge me not humans we are all created from d same sand so no humans should judge anyone. We are all sinners no one is Perfect so no one should sit down and say shit about anyone. And if u are looking for someone to advice am sure he or she should have a relations.There is always an adages dat say mind your turn cloth were is turn and stay away from other.morning to u all.

That's Idris for you folks,check out more of Idris Okuneye before and after pictures. pictures below...

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