The Jaden Smith dead rumours that got dad Will Smith very angry!

Jaden Smith dead reports have been rampant on social media.It didn't help that the very active social media interactions of the actor slowed down at this period too.It shows the young 18 year old man has finally arrived in super stardom land.If rumours of your sexuality,death or addiction has not trended,you have not yet arrived as a star.So it seems at least,judging by happenings of the past.
What baffles me is,who would wanna see an 18 year old dead?Why would a young man who has all
going for him want to end it all by committing suicide?

The death hoax stories particularly trended on Facebook with so many people sharing the news.There was also a fake CNN link attached to it to make the story look credible.

Jaden's father,Will Smith is reportedly very upset about the rumoured death of his son as one can understand.Its sad that some people sit around and all they can come up with is the most damning rumours.Rumours that can have bad effects on people.Imagine how you would feel if your child or a close one is trending for a death that did not even occur?

In the meantime, FX News Call reported that in the middle of the dead stories hurled at Jaden Smith, the star of the 2006 film “The Pursuit of Happyness” has been very active in social media lately, proving that he is still very alive and kicking.
The news site noted that following his “previous silence” on Instagram, the actor is now back in the loop reportedly posting a number of images.
Despite the actor being the victim of the death hoax, FX News Call revealed that there have been rumors saying that the issue could have just been a publicity stunt for him to gain public’s attention.
“While that could not be true, people are suspicious as the rumor mill only produced the news a few days before the premiere of the Netflix musical drama series ‘The Get Down,’ which Smith will be co-starring in,” the report stated.
But for all you Jaden Smith fans out there who has been asking is Jaden Smith really dead?Jaden is still very much alive and kicking and the young man has not even explored half of his potential.He will be around for a very long time yet.

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