The saga of Cool FM'S DJ Freeze sacking and Basketmouth's wife.

The saga of Cool FM'S DJ Freeze sacking and Basketmouth's wife.

Freez and Basketmouth.You must have heard of Nigeria's popular radio personality DJ Freeze of Cool Fm allegedly getting the sack after he posted an old picture of him and Basketmouth's wife.Now Basketmouth and Freeze used to be good friends till they fell out.Both men have since taken several shots at each other since then on social media.
Now the latest incident is rather interesting.Freeze posted a picture that he took many years ago with Basketmouth's wife.The picture looks rather cosy with him giving her a peck on the cheek.But at the same time if they were family friends like Freeze stated in the picture,it is nothing.Well,that is if it
was taking while she was married to Basketmouth.
Image result for DJ FREEZE SACKED

Image result for DJ FREEZE SACKED
The gist is that Basketmouth was upset about the picture and influenced Cool FM's owner to sack him!
In my opinion,this can only be so if both parties had an affair or if the picture was taken before she knew or married Basketmouth.If not so,why should the comedian be upset when he knew quite well that they are just good friends or as Freez put it,family friends?So you see how its all rather confusing.
To cap it all,Basketmpouth posted a rather cryptic video on his Instagram about a man who was trying to harm another man and ended up harming himself.He then aptly titled the video "Na so God dey work" Hmmmm...You can see the video below...

Freez has reacted to the news of his sacking which was broken by some popular blogs.He threatened instablog9ja and misspetitenaijablog with a lawsuit if they don't fully retract the story and apologize.He confirmed that there was indeed a meeting which took place with the management,but that it had nothing to do with Basketmouth's his own words-

I never address or dispel rumors but this is the height of it! @instablog9ja and have both carried all sorts of slanderous stories about me in the past, without confirmation, before posting their outrageous garbage. But this, trust me, would be their last! If this defamatory and slanderous post is not It taken down immediately, and an unreserved apology offered, via the same medium within 24 hrs, I will be forced to take legal action against both blogs.
Yes, there are issues stemming from a meeting over presenters fees yesterday, details of which I choose not to discuss, because of the respect I have for Mr Moussalli and his family, but trust me, it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Basket mouth or social media.

Meanwhile a letter that is said to be the official sack letter the popular OAP received was shared online confirming he was indeed sacked.But is it a genuine letter?Time will tell.
Meanwhile the saga lingers on...
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