Toke Makinwa has a new boyfriend and he is American based Oluseyi Kuye

Toke Makinwa and her new boyfriend Oluseyi

Toke Makinwa boyfriend.So Toke Makinwa has a new boyfriend and he is American based.His name is Oluseyi Kuye and he lives in Wichita, Kansas.He is a native off Abeokuta.And i know for sure Abeokuta men are wonderful,lol.

I'm not sure Toke needs all this publicity though in the personal field.After all what she has been through,i think it is better we don't know nothing about her love life till she announces
she is getting married or pregnant.Imagine if this does not work out as well..
Not sure though if Toke personally approved of her new boyfriend Seyi making their love public.
Even though he didn't actually come out to say she is my girlfriend,the messages in the pictures says it all..also his friends were congratulating him and he did not correct anyone or tell them its  not so.
Anyway congrats Toke and i really wish you the ebst and hope this works out after all the Maje Ayida drama.
More pics below...

Toke Makinwa and her ex Maje Ayida above in good times...

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