Why Patoranking was arrested in Uganda Entebbe International Airport.

Patoranking arrested in Uganda.According to multiple media reports in Uganda, Patoranking, was Yesterday afternoon arrested at Entebbe International Airport for failure to adhere to check in rules. A source said he thought he was too ‘big’ and he would receive VVIP treatment upon arrival.
An eyewitness said: “He failed to adhere to check-in rules and above all he had not secured his entry visa. He was just told to remove his cap for security check-up but he chose not to listen to
instructions. He was denied entry and arrested for disobeying lawful check in orders.”

Patoranking who arrived at the Airport at around 4pm, was detained for over 7 hours. After countless times of apologising and begging, he was later released and granted entry visa.
Trying to show that he is a known celebrity, he first refused to accept entry visa saying he was disrespected and harassed by immigration officers. He later coiled his small tail and headed to Hotel Africana, where he addressed journalists

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