23yr old Nigerian Footballer Victor Emenayo denies he is 40 years old

23yr old Nigerian Footballer Victor Emenayo denies he is 40 years old

Remember the Cameroonian footballer playing for Lazio,Joseph Minala who said he was 17 years old while looking like a 40 year old?Well, we have a Nigerian footballer, Victor Emenayo who has had to defend himself after his club accused him of being at least 17 years older than his actual age.

Azerbaijan side Shahdagh Qusar FK thought they had signed 23-year-old Victor Emenayo this summer but after playing his debut, the club have accused him of lying and holding a fake passport.

Victor Emenayo claims he hasn’t lied about his age and is 23-years-old. His club believe his

passport may be fake.

Despite his passport claiming he was born in 1993, the club believe they have been duped and that he is at least 40-years-old – possibly older. But Emenayo has slammed the suggestions saying he is not a cheat.

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Speaking to website New Fanzone Blog, he said: “How can anybody claim or ascertain that I am not 23-years-old merely by my looks.

Some news outlets claim that Emenayo may suffer from Lorde Disease – an illness that makes people look older than they actually are. But Emenayo made no mention of this in his interview.

It is not the first time Nigerian footballers have been accused of lying about their age. Last month a staggering 26 Under-17 players failed an age test ahead of their African Nations’ Cup qualifier.

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