Abike's mother prays for death to Londoners and their Children(Jibike Abike fight)

The audio message posted by Abike's mother regarding the Jibike Basira Olaribigbe and Abike fight,is the most hateful i think i have ever heard in my life when you consider the circumstances.
How can one person spew so much hate?
This will undoubtedly be one of the most hateful thing you have ever heard,i could not even listen to
it till the end.
Wishing death on people and their children just because they had an opinion on two people fighting?Is it their fault that Jibike Basira and Abike decided to wash their dirty linen in the public?Can she honestly say she has not heard two people have a disagreement and she make her own judgement based on what she heard?So why would Abike's mother spew so much hate with such incredible curses on people and their children?
This is really terrible and disgraceful,funny thing is this same woman will now head to church or the mosque a few hours or days later dancing and proclaiming to be a child of God..Absolutely disgraceful!

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