Bobrisky denies he is gay and gets a tongue lashing from Bisi Alimi

Bobrisky denies he is gay and gets a tongue lashing from Bisi Alimi

bobrisky is gay

Till today,Bobrisky gay headlines was a very natural thing to Nigerians on social media.But now,Bobrisky has denied in an interview that he is gay.This coming from someone who has constantly boasted online about his bae who he many times referred to as a HE.In a new interview with media personality/publisher of TW magazine, Adesuwa Onyenokwe,THE Nigerian male barbie, Idris Okuneye said he is not gay. "I am not gay...No, I am not gay..."he said 

Idris says he thinks people assume he is gay because of his outward appearance and dress


 "I think it is because of my look. Like imagine, a guy wearing makeup. Outside Nigeria like UK, America, they don't find it new. They feel its normal but in Nigeria they feel you are mad". He says he is in support of the anti-gay law "We are in Nigeria and there is this law which I am in support of that law because I see no reason why your mother will give birth to you and you will say you will not give birth in future. It is not possible now. If my mum and dad did not give birth to me, I wouldn't be this Idris. I am not in support of gay marriage"he said.

Now i really don't see it as much a big deal for anyone to deny they are gay,its his private life and he can flip it anyway he chooses.Besides,14 years is real,lol..But what i find astonishing is for Bobrisky who has more or less admitted to being gay with his bay and obvious gender of the bae now coming out to say this.And then he agrees that those who are open about it should be punished.This did not go down well with Nigerian gay activist Bisi Alimi.

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Bisi Alimi took to IG to blast Nigerian male barbie, Bobrisky, for supporting Nigeria's anti-gay law during his recent interview with Adesuwa Onyenokwe. Bisi shared a video where he said it is a big shame for Bobrisky to have voiced out such hateful comment on LGBT people in Nigeria. He wrote
"A friend brought my attention to an interview @bobrisky222 granted Adesuwa. In the interview, he was asked if he is gay, he said no and with no prompting said he supports the anti same sex prohibition law 2013. Dear Bobrisky, I have a message for you.
I will be very happy to educate you for free on how your bigoted, hateful comments are putting #LGBT people lives at risk. I will also like to let you know, how making money by making fun of what other people are dying from is no fucking joke. Yes, I will give you and your likes a crash course on decency, human dignity and respect as I can see you lack the fundamentals that makes someone a responsible human being. I will be here if you need me, have a nice day".

You can see both Bisi's and Bobrisky's video below.I must say the Bobrisky one was very entertaining. 

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