Fans worry over Meatloaf's health issues as he appears on Saturday Kitchen

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There has been so much concern over Rocker Meatloaf health.The music star was reported not to be able to stand up for more than 5 minutes at a time due to his bad back.But his latest health fears were raised when he appeared on Tv show SATURDAY KITCHEN.The viewers were so concerned about his appearance that they took to Twitter to voice their concerns over the star with majority of people commenting on how "unwell" he looked.

The 68-year-old - who has been busy promoting his new album Braver Than We Are, despite him suffering a pinched nerve in his back - appeared on today's BBC cooking
show alongside presenters The Hairy Bikers.
It is such a sad thing to see.Meatloaf was this imposing larger than life character with so much energy on stage during his hey days.To see him reduced to this is really unfortunate and worrying.
Meatloaf illness.However, although he managed to crack numerous jokes, as well as tucking into a meatloaf which was specially prepared for him, fans immediately mentioned that he looked ill and sent the musician their well wishes.

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One person posted: "Meat Loaf not looking or sounding well on Saturday Kitchen," while a second asked: "Is Meatloaf ok? #SaturdayKitchen"
A third person wrote: "Meatloaf doesn't look at all well #SaturdayKitchen," as a fourth added: "Watching Saturday Kitchen (anything to avoid tasks!) and sad to see how frail Meatloaf is looking...looking and sounding way below par."
A different person shared: "Meatloaf doesn't look like he's in great health on Saturday Kitchen."
"@SaturdayKitchen is it just me that finds Meat Loaf a kind of uncomfortable watch?" another said.
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Viewers went on to say that they wished Meat Loaf a speedy recovery, with one person saying: "Hope Meatloaf is o.k, looks like he's about to fall asleep #saturdaykitchen"
"@RealMeatLoaf hope you recover soon and feel better. Good to see you on Saturday Kitchen, U.K," a second wrote.
A third shared: "Everyone saying Meatloafs behaviour is strange! The Man is unwell and still trying his best! Give him a break! #SaturdayKitchen."
"Loving Meat Loaf... Trying his best and still has his sense of humour even though he's obviously struggling. Get well soon! #SaturdayKitchen," a further continued.
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Meatloaf collapses on stage.

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Meatloaf health issues are more than his back problems though.Meatloaf slurring his words is also a worry.This action though is said to be due to Meatloaf stroke stories.The singer himself though said all he suffered many years back in his younger days was heat stroke.
The explanation still hasn't stopped fans from wondering what is wrong with Meatloaf or wonder why his speech is not what it used to be.There have also been reports of the star collapsing on stage.This was put down to exhaustion though.
Whatever it is that is wrong with Meatloaf that caused his numerous health issues,we wish him well and the best in life.For a man who has brought so much joy to millions,he deserves peace and good health in his later days.

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