How 18 year old deaf teenager DeSean Welch was shot deaf in California USA

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Another black man has been killed needlessly in America.The boy,DeSean Welch,a deaf teenager was shot dead while he tried to explain to a gunman that he couldn't hear him

DeSean, 18, had been watching a high school football game with friends who are also deaf just outside Riverside in California when an unidentified gunman approached them and started asking questions, his family said.

'We are deaf. We can’t hear you,' wrote one of DeSean's friends on his cell phone, showing it to the gunman in explanation. We don’t understand what you are saying to us,' the teens added.

DeSean's sister Najai Welch, who was with the group at Rancho Verde High School, just

outside of Riverside, said the alleged shooter typed out a message back.

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The man said he 'bangs in this hood' and asked if the teens knew a person who lives in nearby Ontario.

DeSean who played varsity basketball and had aspired to play professionally left the game shortly after with his friends . They later told police they were followed out. 

A few minutes later, police received reports of shots fired in a nearby intersection. 

DeSean was shot and taken to a nearby hospital. He later succumbed to his injuries. Najai Welch thinks the shooter may have confused her brother with someone else. 

'My brother didn’t deserve that he was a good kid.'

DeSean played varsity basketball at California School for the Deaf Riverside and was hoping to play professionally, his family said.

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