How to use Google Allo with SMS and support.

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The latest app that might create a big buzz is the Google Allo.The instant messaging app from the search giant power by the new Google Assistant.Google Allo will start going live for users across the world.You will learn how to use Google Allo here as well as other tricks and functions of the app. Messaging has come a long way for Google which has gone from GTalk to G-chat to Hangouts via Google Wave and Buzz.
But it’s not just Google’s messaging apps that have evolved; most of us now rely on four or five staple messaging apps. WhatsApp is there occupying our family and office groups, Facebook Messenger for most of our friends, even as some of us are exploring Snapchat, or
the secret chats on Telegram with end-to-end encryption or WeChat or Line with a bit of Slack at work. The list is endless and Google’s Allo joins this crowded world, but with one clear USP: Google Assistant.
The option to invite friends will happen post-beta. However users have the option of sending an SMS for free to friends who don’t have the app and their reply comes straight in the Allo app. The SMS option was available for only some friends in my list. Your friend gets a link asking them to download Allo or ignore or just reply.
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Signing into Google Allo is simple like on Google Duo. All you need is a phone number, and yes you can sync your Google account with this as well — recommended if you’re planning to use the Google Assistant feature. Google Assistant exists as a separate chat conversation where you can post some requests directly.
And Google Assistant does do some impressive things. So for instance, in the private chat with Google Assistant, I could ask it to search for my photos taken in Sri Lanka, and it showed me the exact results. These are photos on my Google Photos app, with Sri Lanka as location and it was impressive (and, yes scary) that Google is just pulling these.
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Google Allo’s smart learning bit is the highlight. It has smart replies to messages sent by your friend just like Inbox does when a mail comes in; makes things a bit easier when you don’t want to keep typing ‘ok’ or ‘sure’ to every message. The app can also recognise images and give replies based on what picture is showing. Again a combination of cool and scary and I don’t see any other messaging app catching up to this for now.
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