Italian Tv presenter criticized for wearing crucifix and Rosary beads on air.

Was this a case of Religious symbols gone wrong or political correctness gone wrong?According to Daily Express, Marina Nalesso, 44, has worn the religious accessories on several occasions during broadcasts on Italy's state-owned channel TG1.  The Venetian journalist, now based in Rome, often presents the 1.30pm slots.

She said her reason for wearing them was 'for faith and to make a statement'. More photos below

However, Marina Nalesso was slammed on social media by people saying she should keep her religious symbols for private occasions.

Her biggest attacker was Silvio Viale, a radical atheist and member of the Democratic Party in Turin.

He wrote on Twitter:

“Even today at TG1 the arrogance of a presenter wearing a rosary around their neck.”
Another critic wrote:
“Religion MUST be a private act. Leave rosaries at home, don’t take them to a public TV channel.”
Another tweeter who was critical of her actions said:
“Since when is TG1 with the Vatican? Rosaries and medals everywhere.”
Others moved to defend the journalist for her decision, one Twitter user wrote: “Veil yes… but crucifix no?”

RAI, the country's national public broadcasting company, permits religious symbols to be worn by newsreaders, despite demands from some quarters to have them banned.

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