Keith Vaz UK parliament member destroyed by Rent boy s.ex scandal news!

Keith Vaz UK parliament member destroyed by Rent boy s.ex scandal news!

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Keith Vaz, a married UK member of Parliament and a father of two has joined the list of powerful men destroyed by a s.ex scandal.
Sadly Vaz the chief of the Home Affairs Select Committee has resigned from his role after photos and chats revealed he bedded male prostitutes and begged for sex drugs.

According to Sunday Mirror, who made the damning revelations, MP Keith Vaz, 59, was caught paying young Eastern European male prostitutes for sex and asked them to bring the sex-drug 'poppers' to his flat eight days ago..

The veteran MP has been chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, which monitors crime, immigration and drug policy, for almost a decade but has now decided to quit the role after the photos and chats were released.

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Vaz reportedly the men in cash following the sex meeting at a flat close to his Edgware home and also tried to conceal his identity from the prostitutes by claiming to be an industrial washing machine salesman called Jim.

During the first meeting with the prostitutes on August 27, which lasted for 90 minutes, he reportedly offered to cover the cost of cocaine, if it was brought to his flat, and also asked for s.ex drugs although he said he won't be using them.

On the day of the s.ex meeting the male prostitute sent a text to say he was buying the s.ex
drug to which the MP allegedly responded “great”.

Later, when he was told another escort would join them, Mr Vaz allegedly texted: “How will this work, do you want me to f*** him first or all together.
“Does he like poppers. Does he speak English.”
Later in the encounter the older escort asked Mr Vaz “what do you want?” to which he allegedly replied “You. I’m getting very horny”.

Before the s.ex started, Mr Vaz reportedly said:
 “Take your shirt off. I’m going to attack you.”
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But Mr Vaz now claims he was drugged and that the newspaper paid the escorts to con him.

In a statement on Sunday night released to the Daily Mail, Mr Vaz who represents Leicester East said: “I am genuinely sorry for the hurt and distress that has been caused by my actions in particular to my wife and children.
“I will be informing the committee on Tuesday of my intention to stand aside from chairing the sessions of the committee with immediate effect. 
At this time I do not want there to be any distraction from the important work the Home Affairs Select Committee undertakes so well. 
Select Committees do vital work in holding the government and others to account. We are due to publish two Reports, one into Anti Semitism and the other into FGM in the next few days, in addition we have a number of key witnesses. 
I will of course inform Committee members first of my plans when we meet on Tuesday. My decision has been based entirely on what is in the best interests of the Committee which I have had the privilege of Chairing for the last 9 years."
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Speaking to Sky News this morning, he said:
 “It is deeply disturbing that a national newspaper should have paid individuals to have acted in this way. I have referred these allegations to my solicitor Mark Stephens of Howard Kennedy who will consider them carefully and advise me accordingly.”
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I can't understand why these men always get caught up in these,but its the family i feel sorry for.Particularly Vaz's wife and children.And i think the people who expose them are the worst creatures on earth.What do you gain by destroying a family?Why did they have to go on an undercover mission to expose them?Its not as if they were carrying out their act in public is it?In the name of a few dollars,they have destroyed many lived and this is very sad.
You can bet your life Keith Vaz news will sadly trend a while on this sordid tale.
A career,a life and a family destroyed.
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