Lilian Muli scandal as she is seen on video viciuously abusing waitress

Lilian Muli scandal as she is seen on video viciuously abusing waitress

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Lilian Muli video.
The popular Citizen TV news anchor on Tuesday got more than she bargained for as Kenyans descended on her on social media after a video emerged where she was heard insulting a female waitress at a restaurant in Nairobi.
In the video that has widely circulated on social media, Muli is heard complaining about poor customer service by the waitress at Carribea Restaurant in Kilimani area.
The prime time news anchor yells at the hotel attendant whom she goes ahead to call a b***h, accusing her of being disrespectful.

Lilian at her wedding.

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“What the hell… I come over here and you serve me with an attitude… kwani what, I am

paying. Get the hell out of my face. I don’t have to come to this place….. This b***h has an attitude… every time I come here you serve me with an attitude. I complain about you, I don’t want you to serve me again, ever!” an agitated Muli vents out.
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The Lilian Muli scandal,cos that is what it really is- attracts other individuals at the hotel who surround the controversial news presenter and try to calm her down. 
It's not clear what transpired before the spectacle unfolded but going by the video, the popular anchor must have been really irritated.
A section of the public was clearly appalled by Muli's conduct and termed her reaction unacceptable considering she is a role model to many.
Some even went ahead to compare her actions to Lingala Maestro Koffi Olomide who was kicked out of the Country for kicking her female dancer at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

I think this kind of behavious is a bad one very common with African celebrities.Lilian Muli is not the first celebrity who will make some money and acquire some fame and in the process forget where they came from,they talk to the average man like they were the lowest piece of scum,when most of the time the celebrities are indeed the ones who can be described as such.

Below is the Lilian Muli video that set it all off.Watch and you will indeed be shocked by the scandalous behaviour of the Tv news anchor...

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