Niger Delta group to bomb NNPC Towers if Patience Jonathan is arrested

The Patience Jonathan bank account saga is threatening to take a nasty turn.A group known as The Niger Delta Peoples Professional Volunteer Force (NDPPVF), have released a statement vowing to bomb the four wings of the NNPC towers in Abuja if former first lady, Patience Jonathan, is arrested over the $15million found in her account.

Spokesman of the group, Parkinson George-Amabo, in the statement released today, said it is not in support of corruption, but against the manner in which the antigraft agaency has

carried out its investigation into the foreign currency linked to Mrs Jonathan.
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Image result for Niger Delta group to bomb NNPC Towers in Abuja if Patience Jonathan is arrested
 ‎The statement in part reads; 
“As a matter of fact, the EFCC has launched a criminal investigation of Mrs. Jonathan and in the process, frozen her bank accounts domiciled with a Nigerian commercial bank without affording her opportunity to state her own side of the matter. Nobody is above the law. The NDPPVF does not support or condone corruption. If Mrs. Jonathan was found to be corrupt, we shall not hesitate to call for her prosecution. We, however, have a grouse with the modus operandi of Mrs. Jonathan’s investigation, given her status as the wife of a former deputy governor, former governor, former vice-president, former acting president and finally, former president. She is perhaps, the only Nigerian woman – dead or alive – with such an impressive and fortuitous pedigree; which accounts for why the EFCC needs to thread with caution. Recently, there have been calls on the attorney-general of the federation as well as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to arrest and prosecute ‎former First Lady for alleged money laundering. We shall simultaneously bomb the 4 wings of the NNPC Towers the day it is announced that MRS. PATIENCE GOODLUCK JONATHAN has been arrested by the EFCC.”

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