Olamide net worth will blow your mind as the real Abule sowo!

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Olamide is currently Nigeria's biggest rapper.Olamide net worth as a result of this is a cool N900million! Olamide,who undoubtedly is one of Nigeria's richest musicians and celebrities, was born on 15 March 1989 and records mostly in his native tongue, Yoruba. He released his debut studio album Rapsodi  in 2011, and in 2013, Olamide became the first Nigerian to sign an endorsement deal with Ciroc. Olamide has built a fortune for himself. His song “Eleda Mi” has 1.2 million YouTube views. 

Bear in mind that the net worth determined here is not necessarily how much the artist has

in the bank,but has been determined by various things such as their assets,what their brand is worth,their investments and impending royalties as well as sponsorships.
Also these new generation of Nigerian artists make their money not from album sales alone,but show appearances,live plays,endorsement and sponsorships,youtube views and publishing royalties.

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Olamide has deals (along with the one with CĂ®roc), including Etisalat, Guinness, and SureBet 24/7. In 2012, he initiated his record label, called YBNL. His every show brings him up to N2-4 million, while he has about 70 of them every year. Other things, which have an impact on his income, are Itunes, Spinlet, and YouTube. 

Songs like Shakiti Bobo,Who you Epp, and Se ko wale ko duro soke were huge hits all over Africa.Olamide churns our a remarkable amount of work and has been dubbed the hardest working rapper in Nigeria.It is then easy and understandable that Olamide's net worth is that huge and there is more to come from the talented artist.

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