P Square Bank Alert video doesn't disappoint as fans rush to download song!

P Square bank alert will once again start to boom after their return with this catchy song and beautiful video.This is good news for millions of fans in Africa and world over who really feared P Square may have come to an end.I must admit i was one of them.We all know of all the various drama that has plagued the boy and each of them going solo for a while.But i guess after the boys got their bank alert,they realised that 2 heads were better than one,lol.Sorry i couldn't resist that.

Bank Alert is okay,its not their best work in my opinion,but the video is fantastic.I am sure once again music lovers world wide will be rushing to download bank alert by P Square after watching
that video.
It tells the story of Paul being a poor boy in love with a girl whose father doesn't want her to marry him.

He promises the girl he was going to search for greener pastures abroad and that he will come back for her.
He did not return in a year but came back 5 years later having been a success.He goes back for the girl,buys her a car,proposes in an elaborate gesture and she of cos said yes.Mt Ibu the famous Nollywood comedian plays the girl's father and once again he was hilarious.
I enjoyed P Square's video of bank alert more than i did the song,but maybe it will grow on me.Enjoy....

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