Popular Ghanaian model Belinda Asiamah burial ceremony pictures

Popular Ghanaian model Belinda Asiamah burial ceremony pictures

Belinda asiamah burial in ghana

Belinda Asiamah u model who died as a result of complications from her pregnancy was laid to rest on Saturday, September 10th after the final funeral rites in Madina attended by her fellow models, family and friends as well as some celebrities.
The late model died on August after complaining of stomach pains and rushed to the hospital. A doctor disclosed that Belinda died as a result of ectopic pregnancy.
According to the doctor,
"She was on admission at the Legon Hospital, what happened was she had
an ectopic pregnancy; basically ectopic pregnancy is where the fetus develops outside the womb, typically in the Fallopian tube so it called for a surgery because ectopic pregnancy was dangerous for her. So after the surgery, she had a cardiac seizure where the doctors at the Legon Hospital successfully dealt with it"
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Belindah asiamah death and burial

Belinda asiamah is buried in ghana

Belinda Asiamah biography reveals she was a regular face in top music videos in Ghana popular music.May her soul rest in peace.

Model belindah asiamah burial ceremony

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