Port Harcourt 1st son Duncan Mighty is worth a cool N700 million!

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I must say i was surprised at Duncan Mighty net worth.But then again when you think of all the oil money available in Port Harcourt,its easy to see how this can be possible.Duncan Mighty is worth N700million.

The music of the Rivers born singer and producer known as Duncan Mighty, is heavily influenced by the sounds and culture of his people, as most of his songs are sung in his native Ikwerre tongue. Duncan performs in most government functions and is regarded as one of the most successful artistes from the Niger Delta. His most popular songs on
YouTube are “Port Harcourt Boy” and “Obianuju”. Both has collective views of 3.1 million.

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Once again like i always say,bear in mind that the Duncan Mighty net worth determined here is not necessarily how much the artist has in the bank,but has been determined by various things such as their assets,what their brand is worth,their investments and impending royalties as well as sponsorships.
Also these new generation of Nigerian artists make their money not from album sales alone,but show appearances,live plays,endorsement and sponsorships,youtube views and publishing royalties.Duncan Mighty has rightly taken his place as one of Nigeria's richest musicians.

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