Ronaldo and mother unhappy after he was substituted for the first time at Madrid

After Cristiano Ronaldo substitution in the Real Madrid match against Las Palmas,could we be seeing the slow decline of the Portugese superstar?Afterall ,all good things come to an end.His manager Zidane has said the substitution was purely based on the reason that Madrid had a champion's league game on Tuesday and he wanted to keep him fresh.But that did not stop Cristiano Ronaldo reacting angrily after he was tactically substituted for the first time in his Real Madrid career in the 2-2 draw with Las Palmas over
the weekend.
Ronaldo who recently came back from injury endured a frustrating evening as he failed to score and was shocked to be taken off in the 72nd minute of the La Liga clash - a decision that backfired after Sergio Araujo scored a late equaliser to force a 2-2 draw.
The Portuguese was visibly unhappy as he walked off the pitch and barely acknowledged coach Zinedine Zidane, prompting his mother Dolores Aveiro to tweet a picture of her son from Real's bench, with the caption: 'Never lower your head'.
Real Madrid coach Zidane meanwhile has denied he took off Ronaldo because he was playing badly, saying he took him of bcause he needed him to rest ahead of Tuesday's champions league encounter.
'I did not take Cristiano off because he was playing badly, but because we play another game on Tuesday and he has to rest.'Zidane said.  
He was playing well, like the others, but I had to think about Tuesday.We have a game on Tuesday and I thought it was the time to take him off, 20 minutes from the end, thinking about Tuesday,' added Zidane. 
I know he always wants to play and always wants to stay on the field, but I also have to think about the players and for me it was best to rest and think about Tuesday,'

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