Akothee kids,Net worth and that incredible body that has had 5 Children!

Akothee is one of the most popular stars in Kenya.But i am more impressed by the Akothee kids revelation.She has 5 kids?With that body?Gerrout of here! All i can say is wow! She really is having a ball,with tons of investments and making money like it was going out of fashion,giving her an incredible net worth and adoring fans as well.

But the superstar had more issues at stake she wanted to discuss.Akothee shared this epic throwback photo on Instagram, along with some words of encouragement to her followers. The Sweet Love' hit maker and mother of five, who recently miscarried a set of twins with
her Swiss husband, wrote: 

"When you wish people well , good things come your way , don't lose hope, just be patient your time will come, it might be today or tomorrow or next year just keep pushing, we are not ugly ,mapato ndio kidogo na mahitaji ni mengi,. #teampositivity

Image result for akothee kids

Image result for akothee kids 

By the way when she says no one is born ugly but broke,she knows what she is talking about.Akothee net worth is a crazy $3.5m! That is 400m KES! She is one of the richest musicians in East Africa.She has really come a long way.

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