Clown sighting craze in UK,America,Australia sending shivers all across

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The first time i heard about the clown sightings was when my 11 year old daughter came in and told me about it.Apparently some people dress up as clowns and they scare you.The problem with this is,as all things that starts as fun,there are some not so fun ending.People have gotten seriously injured in the process and now the police are starting to get involved.In Australia for example,the police said they would not tolerate any pranks.They released a statement saying-"Any intimidating and threatening as well as anti-social behaviours will not be tolerated and will be investigated by

This picture shows a tweet sent by the writer Stephen King, telling people to

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Image result for clown sightings

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The clown scaring craze started from America.Where else?But this was all supposed to be an exercise to show that clowns were not psycho killers.Hence the Clowns lives matter mantra,which was supposed to encourage people to come out and meet clowns.
Now there are some disturbing killer clown sightings stories that some people have been trying to lure kids into the woods.Now this is worrying.
It might not be Halloween quite yet, but parts of the UK are already being plagued by people in creepy killer clown costumes – and it's terrifying.
It all started in the US. Over the past few weeks, there have been dozens of reports of people with sinister clown masks on hanging around parks and even approaching
The clown craze has spread so far now,there have been clown sightings in the UK,Australia,all over the USA,Canada and more.

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