Ethiopians begin national mourning for dead protesters

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The Ethiopian protesters killed are being mourned by the nation. Ethiopians are observing three days of national mourning after people died during a protest at a religious festival in the Oromia region on Sunday.

There is a dispute over what caused the deaths.

A statement on Ethiopia's state broadcaster said the mourning is to "commemorate innocent citizens who lost their lives because of the violence instigated by anti-peace forces".

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn earlier blamed rioters for the "mayhem" which led to a

Opposition activists say the panic was caused when security forces fired teargas and bullets into the large crowd which had gathered for a thanksgiving ceremony.
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They also say that the death toll is far higher than the official figure of 52.

There has been months of tension in Ethiopia's Oromia region after a series of protests in which Oromo people have been complaining of political and economic marginalisation.

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