Femi Adebayo marries new wife Omotayo Sanusi in private ceremony

Femi Adebayo marries new wife Omotayo Sanusi in private ceremony

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Have you heard the Femi Adebayo wife news?The popular Yoruba actor and son of Oga Bello has gotten married today 9th of October to a new wife Omotayo Maimunat Sanusi.She is based in America.The Femi Adebayo new wife news took Yoruba movie lovers by surprise when the news broke.
However Femi who was previously married with 3 kids bug got divorced in 2011 after a runoured fling with fellow actor,Funke Akindele,has decided to keep proceedings of his new marriage on the downlow by keeping it a private affair between close family and close friends.
Commenting on this he said-‘The decision is best for us as I have been on the lane before and my
wife has never been, I have to protect her privacy at all cost, please we pray for the understanding of our friends and my beloved loyal fans, I appreciate you and please your prayers and support is all we need,
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femi adebayo second wife

femi adebayo second wedding

femi adebayo and funke akindele marriage
Femi Adebayo and Funke Akindele were rumoured to have had an affair which led to the divorce of his first marriage.

Click here for wedding pictures of Femi and Omotayo.

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With one of his children from previous marriage.

It is not known whether Femi Adebayo and Omotayo Sanusi will later release videos or pictures of their ceremony to the fans,but meanwhile you can enjoy these pictures for now..But we sure will keep you informed about any news of this new union.

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