Is Kenya discriminating against Nigerians in deportation clampdown?

Is Kenya discriminating against Nigerians in deportation clampdown?

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The Nigerian community in Kenya have been complaining recently about harassment from Kenyan government and immigration officials.

The Kenyan government has begun a massive arrest of Nigerians living in Kenya. The government claims most of them are without valid visa. .

However, a Nigerian who witnessed the massive raid this morning, said this: "Immigration officers are disturbing Nigerians in Kenya for no reason. They even went as far as stabbing Nigerians with knives. We need the Govt to do something about this as the Nigeria ambassador in Kenya is not doing anything about it. .

I had to leave my comfort zone this morning. They don't care if you are a legitimate immigrant or not. We need the world to see this cause they're doing this out of hatred. More than 80 Nigerians are busted only this morning. They extort money from them.
They collect at least N800K from them before giving them a deportation letter. This is inhumane, we want the FG to know that the Nigerian ambassador to Kenya is doing nothing about it. This is becoming too much, we need our voice to be heard since no one is ready to speak for us."

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