Janet Jackson confirms pregnancy but Secret daughter stories continues.

Janet Jackson confirms pregnancy but Secret daughter stories continues.

janet jackson is pregnant at the age of 50 and here she shows off her baby bump in picture

So the Janet Jackson pregnant stories are true.She has confirmed today that she is having a baby.The 50 year old singer has been in the news for a long time surrounded by pregnancy rumours.She finally confirmed today while speaking to People Magazine that she is indeed pregnant saying:
 "We thank God for our blessing", and posed for a picture with her growing baby bump.As you can see from the picture above,the Janet Jackosn bump is on full display to the world.
There has been stories round the pregnancy as far back as  in April when she postponed her 'Unbreakable' tour, saying she wanted to focus on planning a family with her husband, Wissam al-Mana.
Now another speculation has grown from this news.The speculation is that of a Janet Jackson IVF treatment.Considering the age at which she is having the baby,it is very likely
that she could have had IVF treatments.This is very common among older women having their first child,But at the same time many older ladies have had babies in the late 40s and early 50s without no treatment of the famous procedure.
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The singer was recently spotted in London shopping for baby essentials with the paparazzi hot on her trails.
The People magazine quoted a source close to the Jackson family as saying: "She is super excited about her pregnancy and is doing extremely well. She actually feels very good about everything."
In a video posted on Twitter in April, she told her fans that she was postponing her world tour because "there's been a sudden change".
"I thought it was important that you be the first to know. My husband and I are planning our family," she said, adding: "Please if you can try and understand that its important that I do this now."
She went on to say: "I have to rest up, doctor's orders."

There has been great interest on the superstar's impending first child.One of the most popular seraches online is When is Janet Jackson do for her baby(sic).There are also strong rumouts that she is having twins.I'm not sure exactly how that info came about,but there is big speculation that she is pregnant with twins.
There has been news and speculations of a Janet Jackson and debarge baby. She was meant to have had the child without ex husband James Debarge's knowledge.
The gist is she kept the daughter a secret from husband James and her fans.Their marriage was a short one as the Jackson family strongly objected to her marriage to the drug addict. James Debarge speaking to Radar online on the issue said,he actually believes Janet gave birth to a baby girl.
According to DeBarge, a young woman claiming to be his secret child or love child recently reached out to him.
“Someone had contacted me. She spoke to me by email,” he said. “The first time was two years ago. I have not been able to directly see her face-to-face.”
The young woman suggested that they take a paternity test, but that hasn’t happened yet.
“She suggested it,” DeBarge said, adding that he has yet to meet the woman because he’s afraid.
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DeBarge also confirms that when the woman contacted him, she admitted to being Jackson’s daughter.
According to DeBarge, he believes Jackson didn’t tell him about the child because of “fear.”
“Fear and lots of pressure,” he noted. “From every angle, from inside and outside… Not knowing how it could hurt her career. A lot of outside influences were involved in our whole relationship to where we didn’t have a chance from the gate.”
Janet Jackson secret daughter?

Her first husband James Debarge.

DeBarge also says that people gave him and Jackson a hard time about their relationship even before the baby rumors started.
“They didn’t want us to have anything,” he said. “There were times when I was jumped, physically, and attacked. It was dangerous to the point that I was afraid to go outside.”
H also said about how the child didn't wanna cause trouble and just wanted James to know she existed.“She called me ‘papa,'” DeBarge said. “She didn’t want to get her mom in trouble. She wanted to do it quietly. She didn’t even want Janet to know.”
Speaking further,James begged Janet to come forward and admit if the girl was indeed his child as he only wanted to know the truth and know his own daughter.
But i find this story so stupid.Yes the child does look a lot like Janet.But so what?We have millions of look alikes in the world who are not even related to those they look like.
I mean,common this is 2016,if he thinks the child is his,and the girl says he is her father,why not simply have a DNA test?Gosh how simply is that?Even a fool knows that is the thing to do..IF she has a DNA test and the time of her birth is established,then all he simply has to do is piece the time frame together and see if he was with Janet at that time.
This is an annoying and stupid story.
It's no surprise they wanna be associated with her though,Janet Jackson net worth is $150 million .She amassed this from a string of successful albums and a successful career that started in the 70s as an actress.At a time Janet signed the biggest ever advance given to an artist with Virgin records.She is still in demand and was in the process of a world tour when she had to call for a break due to her new situation.

Congratulations to Janet Jackson and her husband.
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